Image Forge

ImageForge ImageForge
Modular system for digital image processing. You can acquire the images by several ways, e.g. by scanner, digital camera or CCD camera and framegrabber. System ImageForge has great versatility, with detailed selection of required functionality.

The list of system modules:
Module name Description Dev. state
ImageForge Kernel System Kernel, management of files, viewing, annotations to images, ... available
Image Acquisition The image capture using PCI/USB/Video for Windows devices, automated timed snap available
Image processing Basic processing functions, image filtering, geometric transformations, conversions, thresholding. available
Browse The viewer for image files, advanced load of images available
AutoMontage Composition of partially focused microscopic images of the sample into one fully focused image available
Database Database of captured data (images, annotations, forms), network support available
DFT Fourier analysis of the images, filtration, convolution. available
Wavelets Filtering and convolution by wavelets, image reconstruction. available
Forms Creation of templates for protocols using database records and data from other modules, printing. available
Comparations Comparison of multiple images, transformation on comparison plane. available
Particle analyser Analysis of number, color, shape of objects, ... available
Measurements Measurements in image, distances, angles, area measurement, ... available
3D View Vizualization of images in 3D space. in progress
Resolution enhancement Viewing device resolution enhancement using multiple shots of the same scene preparing
Visualization Vizualization od analysed data preparing
Cable measure Module is dedigned for electric cable isolation width measurement. Developed in cooperation with NMS, Ltd. available

System requirements:
  • PC with processor 200 MHz or better (1GHz recommended)
  • operation system MS Windows 98®, Windows Me®, Windows 2000®, Windows NT® or Windows® XP (Windows 98® recommended when using TV card for digitization)
  • at least 32 MB of RAM (128 MB recommended)
  • HDD with 40 MB free space (for program installation), additional free disk space for saving images
  • monitor SVGA with 1024x768 resolution
  • graphics adapter with 2 MB of RAM (16 MB recommended), 16 bits per pixel color mode, must support DirectDrawTM
  • empty PCI slot for videocard installation
  • CD-ROM drive