IF Plugin - Forms

Module is designed for generation of form templates, filling and printing of forms. Module allows also automatic filling of forms from other programs or plugins which support the communication with Forms module. Module Forms can be started from the ImageForge menu as well as individual execution of Forms.exe file which is located in ImageForge directory. You can transfer text and image data. Module can work in editation mode, where you can edit the form parts, and in normal mode, where you just enter required items and then print or export form.

Image: Editation mode with grid

When designing template you can use geometric primitives (line, rectangle, ellipse), grid, change parameters of already created objects. Displayed text can be static or dynamic. You can edit static text only in editation mode, dynamic text is modified via form filling.

Image: Filling form items. Items containing measure results (M1,..,M5) were filled automatically by measurement module.

After filling required items you can print the form. Module supports standards A5, A4, A3, you can enter also custom dimensions of the paper.

Image: Print preview. You can apply zoom in 20% - 200% range.