Products - software

The key product is ImageForge Kernel, to which several additional modules which are constantly developed can be added. For special requirements it is possible to create the module on order. Since the establishment of the company, several standalone applications dedicated to use primary in industry were developed.

ImageForge Prover Image Forge is modular system for digital image processing. The input for it is the image which you can acquire arbitrary - via CCD camera and framegrabber, scanner, digital camera or loading from file.
Prover Guardian The surveillance system Prover Guardian detects movement in the images from CCD cameras. You are able to automatically record the images/video when somebody interrupts the security zones.
Prover Tvrdomer Program Tvrdomer is designed for harness measurements by the Vickers method. CCD camera mounted on the measurement device allows comfortable work, semiautomatic export of protocols spares your time. Developed in cooperation with NMS, s.r.o.